Inmates Released Early

Based on constant overcrowding problems at the county jail, the Sheriff has been forced to establish a population cap for the jail. The purpose of the cap is to assure that the jail can be run safely for both staff and inmates. Once the jail count exceeds the population cap the Sheriff's Office will utilize the early release program.

In order to be eligible for the program the inmate must meet the following criteria:

  • The inmate must be serving a county jail sentence as straight time.
  • The inmate cannot be serving a sentence for a crime of violence, a domestic violence based crime or a sex crime.
  • The inmate must have served at least 75% of his or her sentence.
  • This is based on calculations including both statutory and inmate worker "good time" credits.
  • The inmate must be serving a sentence at least 20 days in length.
  • The inmate must meet guidelines for minimum sentencing under applicable Colorado statutes.
  • The inmate must have been behaviorally appropriate during their stay at the jail as determined by the Sheriff or his designee.

Inmates may earn additional good time for early release through the Citizen's Improvement Program

The program allows the inmate to get credit for attending specific programs such as AA, NA, one church service or bible study, life skills classes, GED, and Transformations.  Once the inmate has attended five classes they  must submit the class attendance, signed off by a staff member along with a one page essay of how the classes that they attended will help them to become a productive and successful citizen.

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