Crime Prevention Unit

Preventing Crime is much easier than becoming a victim of crime!

The goal of the Crime Prevention Unit is to work with community members, neighborhoods, churches, schools, and businesses to provide information and best practices in crime prevention.

We offer presentations and educational materials to help you protect yourself, family, and belongings from becoming a crime statistic - you are the eyes and ears of law enforcement.

  • Neighborhood Watch presentations and training to help your neighborhood create and maintain an effective Neighborhood Watch program to reduce crime and increase positive communication.

  • Presentations on current SCAMS and how to identify, report, and prevent becoming a victim of a scam.
  • Presentations on ID theft, personal safety, home safety, realtor safety, senior and child safety are available for your neighborhood group.

  • Community Awareness Program (CAP) training empowers citizens to help play a role in enhancing our community's safety.  It provides citizens with the basic tools needed to recognize and help prevent criminal activity and terrorism in the United States while preserving civil liberties protected by the U.S.. Constitution.

    The most effective weapon against crime is a well informed citizen!

To arrange a presentation for your neighborhood, business, or other group, please call (970) 498-5159.

The Crime Prevention Unit is part of the Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Unit, please download the application (link below) and return it to the administration lobby during normal business hours or Click here to fill out an on-line application.

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For additional information or questions, please contact the Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit at (970) 498-5159.

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