Concealed Handgun Permit


Please read ALL of the following application information and then print and complete the application, or pick up an application packet from our office.

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

2501 Midpoint Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80525

*NOTE:  Applications are accepted between the hours of 9am-4pm Monday-Friday (except holidays).

Names of CHP holders are NOT public record.  Names can only be disclosed to law enforcement personnel to verify a permit's authenticity.

If you have additional questions please contact the CHP Coordinator at 970-498-5157.

CHP Application Packet (3 documents):


*** NOTICE ***

By Colorado State Statute, the use of illegal drugs is a disqualifier for issuance of a concealed handgun permit.  While the limited possession and conditional use of marijuana is no longer a violation of Colorado Statute, it is still a violation of United States Code.  If you use, possess, cultivate or distribute marijuana, we cannot issue you a concealed handgun permit.

If you provide false information on your permit application regarding illegal drug use or any other requested information, you can be charged with perjury pursuant to CRS 18-8-503.

CHP Status Change

Use this form to report an:  Address Change, Lost, Destroyed or Stolen CHP

(Form can be brought into our office or mailed in.  See address above.)

CHP Renewal Information

Please read this information for a CHP renewal:  Renewal Requirements

** BE ADVISED as of MARCH 14, 2014, Requirements have changed regarding the renewal process for your concealed permit.  Please click this link for further details: **


RECIPROCITY:  Some states may honor your permit. As this information is determined, it will be posted on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s web site: CBI Reciprocity page.



New Permits:

Q:  Do I have to make an appointment to submit my application?

A:  No, we do not make appointments.  You can submit your application anytime between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday (except holidays).


Q:  Does CBI take cash or a personal check?

A:  No.  They will only accept a money order or a certified bank check.


Q:  How long do I have to wait to get my permit?

A:  It varies between 30-90 days, depending on our current workload.  We can advise current processing time when you submit your application.  If there is a problem, we will contact you by phone or by mail.


Q:  I've already had my fingerprints done for CBI (teacher, real estate agent, etc.) do I have to do them again.

A:  Yes, CBI requires a new set of fingerprints be done for all new CHP applications.


Firearms Training:

Q:  Do you accept a Hunter Safety card for firearms training?

A:  At this time we do if it was issued within the last 10 years.


Q:  Where do I go for firearms training?

A:  You need to locate a certified (NRA, police, government) instructor.  They usually have classes through either a shooting range, a sporting goods store, or independently.


Q:  What type of firearms training class do I need to take?

A:  A personally attended class given by a "certified" instructor is required. Internet-based training where no direct contact with an instructor, firearms, or physical environment is insufficient.


Address Change:

Q:  I got my permit in Larimer County and now I'm moving to another county, how do I transfer the permit (or vice versa)?

A:  You don't.  As of 2003 your permit is valid statewide.  You will need to update your address with us (the original issuing agency) so we can print a new permit with your current address. 


Q:  Do I have to submit the address change form in person?

A:  No, you can have the form notarized and then you can mail it in.


Q:  How long do I have after I move to submit my address change?

A:  You are required to notify us within 30 days or you could be subject to a Class 1 Petty Offense.



*Please note changes have been made to renewal process as of 03/14/14. See above *

Q:  Will I receive a renewal notice?

A:  Yes, if you live in or own property or a business in Larimer County.  We will mail out a renewal application about 3-4 months before your permit expires.  If you no longer meet the renewal criteria, then you will have to contact your local Sheriff's office for the renewal paperwork.


Q:  How long do I have to wait to receive my new permit?

A:  Typically between 2-6 weeks.


Q:  Do I need to take another firearms training class each time I renew?

A:  No.  Only new applicants need to provide proof of firearms training.


Q:  My permit says it's valid until the end of the Sheriff's term, is it still valid?

A:  The CHP laws that were revised in 2003 state that those permits issued prior to May 17, 2003 were set to expire by June 30, 2007.  New permits are now valid for a 5- year period and are no longer based on the current Sheriff's term.  A letter was mailed to those permit holders that were affected by this change and were informed that they needed to renew their permit by June 30, 2007.  If you did not receive this notice, please be advised that your permit has now expired and you will need to reapply for a new permit.


Q:  My permit expired more than 6 months ago, can I still renew it?

A:  No.  You only have up to 6 months past the expiration to renew it.  After that it is permanently expired and you will have to submit a new application.


New Resident/Out of State Permits:

Q:  I just moved here, can I use my out-of-state permit while I'm waiting for the Colorado permit?

A:  Yes, if it's within 90 days of your move.  Once you become a Colorado resident, your out-of-state permit is no longer reciprocal.


Q:  I just moved here from out of state, can I apply for a permit right away?

A:  No.  You must present your CO Drivers License or ID card when you submit your application.


Q:  Does my out of state permit suffice for firearm's training?

A:  No.  We need to see your original firearm's training certificate that was issued in the last 10 years.


Q:  What other state(s) is my permit valid in?

A:  You can check the reciprocity on CBI's website for the most up-to-date information:



(updated 4/4/14)