New Evacuation Orders for High Park Fire

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Issued 6-17-12 @ 6:10 p.m. by Jennifer Hillmann, Public Information Officer

Evacuation orders have been issued for the Soldier Canyon and Mill Canyon areas which includes Lodgepole Dr and County Rd 23 west and south including Red Cedar Dr, and east to County Rd 23. There were 331 notifications sent in this area.

Pre-Evacuation orders have been issued for the Shoreline Road area south of Lory State Park, with the southern border being County Rd 38E, eastern border to be Horsetooth Reservoir and west to Red Stone Canyon.  Residents in these areas have been put on a 2 hour-notice. 473 notifications sent.

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New Evacuation Orders for High Park Fire
Re-Evacuation for Solider and Mill Canyon areas and new pre-evacuation orders.

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