LCSAR Busy This Holiday Weekend

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Larimer County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) has been BUSY this holiday weekend with back-to-back missions on Friday and a mission last night. There has only been a 36 hour stretch when they have not been active on missions. The first mission on Friday was a multi-agency search in Loveland. Just as that one was getting shut down for the day, they were called to a search in the Greyrock area. This included a long carry-out of the subject that lasted until Saturday morning. Then on Sunday, the SAR team was back at Greyrock, this time assisting with a climber that had fallen and had broken his ankle. A helicopter was called in, but due to the dangerous weather conditions, the pilot was not able to land at either the primary or backup landing zone. Teams then carried the subject out by foot, treating his medical injuries along the way.

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LCSAR Busy This Holiday Weekend
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