Larimer County Crime Mapping Available


Issued 9/26/12 by John Schulz, Public Information Officer

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office has implemented a new web-based crime mapping system.  Larimer County residents can now view a map with all of the crimes in unincorporated Larimer County.  The mapping system is available from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office website at www.larimersheriff.organd clicking on the Crime Mapping icon.

In addition to the map, residents can also sign up for a neighborhood watch report that automatically emails a breakdown of recent crime activity in their area on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

The new mapping system is provided in conjunction with RAIDS Online ( from BAIR Analytics, Inc. ( BAIR Analytics offers RAIDS Online and the RAIDS Online Mobile app as a free service to any law enforcement agency that wants to participate.  The mobile app is available for no charge. 

Recent crime incidents are displayed on a map or listed in a grid.  Users can click on an incident for more information or display a hotspot map based on the crimes that are currently in display.  The system automatically syncs with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office records system to keep crime information updated online and in the mobile app.

The new mapping system includes only crimes occurring within unincorporated Larimer County and does not include crimes occurring within city limits unless handled by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

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