About the Larimer County Sheriff's Office

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is led by Sheriff Justin E. Smith, who is serving his second term in office. He has been the Sheriff since January, 2011.  Sheriff Smith is a 20-year veteran of the agency.

Larimer County covers 2,640 square miles extending west to the continental divide and north to the Wyoming border.  More than 300,000 residents reside within Larimer County, with approximately 70,000 living in the unincorporated areas.

We Are

One Agency,           One Mission:            Public Safety

Our Mission is to protect and preserve life, liberty and property by providing superior public safety services in Larimer County.

374 employees work for the Sheriff's Office serving the citizens of Larimer County.  An annual budget of just under forty million dollars is used to operate the agency in order to fulfill the statutory duties of the Sheriff.

The statutory duties of the Sheriff are:

·        Law Enforcement

·        Keeper of the Jail

·        Officer of the Court

·        Court Security

·        Transportation of Prisoners

·        Fire Warden

·        Search and Rescue

·        Hazardous Materials


The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is divided into five divisions:

·        Executive Services Division

·        Patrol Division

·        Investigations Division

·        Jail Division

·        Support Services Division


In addition to the dedicated people who work at the Sheriff's Office, hundreds of committed volunteers assist us in our duties every day in order that we may better serve the citizens of Larimer County.

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